Ristorante Tryphé

Ristorante Tryphè,via ex statale 19
Spezzano Albanese 87019, CS
+39 388 81 42457< fragen81@gmail.com



The Greek colony of Sybaris was devoted to excess, luxury, the pleasures of life, including the table. Tryphè recalls that history and identity bringing to the plate the quality of authentic raw materials that recall the beauty of a territory rich in food gems fruit of established tradition. The territory is exalted with the preparations of the chef Francesco Genovese and can be admired from the beautiful window of the restaurant that allows a comprehensive view of the Pollino massif.

Dining room and lounge

Our dinning room has a capacity for 80 people and during the summer you can eat outside on our terrace.

Wine Cellar

Our wine cellar counts with 150 labels carefully chosen to enhance the chef's dishes. The choice of Calabrian wines has been made with care to include the most representative excellences of the territory.